Why Memorabilia

Why Memorabilia?

Generally, the collectible market has boomed in recent years.

For example, watches and classic cars have not only given their owners massive ownership pleasure, in many cases these purchases have proven to make sound long-term financial, as well as emotional, investments.

As collectors ourselves, we realised that memorabilia items can enhance the look of any home or office, adding that individuality, uniqueness, and ‘wow’ factor that doesn’t need to go beyond the budget of astute purchasers.

Alternatively, as a present or gift, a memorabilia item can provide an inspirational choice, a unique acquisition for any recipient spanning the spectrum of entertainment, film, TV, or sport, and in most cases an affordable alternative to what would be called a ‘normal’ present purchase.

To give you complete ‘piece of mind’ Memstars offers a full lifetime ‘money back’ guarantee in the event that you have genuine reason to believe any of our items are not genuine hand signed as stated in the description, and/or on the Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

This additional layer of protection does not affect customers statutory rights.

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